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Viol Strings
La Bella string viol tenor 4 aluminium
Viol Strings
EMS fretting gut 1.5mm.

A range of plain gut strings and wound strings specially made for EMS and...

Viol Strings
Kurschner string treble viol 4th med luxgut LK0116
Viol Strings
La Bella string viol treble 5 silver plated
Viol Strings
By Pyramid
Pyramid string viol bass 7 silver plated
Viol Strings
La Bella string viol bass 6 silver plated
Viol Case
By Lu-Mi
Lu Mi hard cases for 7 string bass viol. Light and robust with carrying straps (back-pack style) and...
Viol Bow
By Mettal
Mettal bass viol bow in pernambuco, round stick
Viol Bow
van Edwards bass viol bow in pernambuco based on historic patterns. 73cm, 65-70gm.
Viol Bow
Was £340 - Now £270