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Viol Case
Deluxe soft padded carrying case for treble viol, with padded back straps, and a reinforced bow pouc...
Viol Case
By Lu-Mi
Lu Mi hard cases for tenor viol. Light and robust with carrying straps (back-pack style).
Viol, Treble Viol Instrument
By Lu-Mi
Special offer on Lu-Mi Viols - Free bow with all Lu-Mi Viols bought with a hard case.
Viol Strings
EMS fretting gut 1.5mm.

A range of plain gut strings and wound strings specially made for EMS and...

Viol Bow
Tenor viol bow in pernambuco based on historic patterns by David van Edwards
Viol Bow
By Mettal
Was £335 - Now £250
Viol Case
Extremely light fibre glass treble viol case from IKA.
Viol Case
Extremely light fibre glass bass viol case from IKA.
Viol Bow
By Dorfler
Dorfler tenor viol bow in brazilwood, round stick
Viol, Tenor Viol
By Lu-Mi
Lu Mi Tenor viol after Henry Jaye ca1620 (string length 560mm) made to the highest possible standards.