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Excellent 29 string gothic style harp by EMS. Made from traditional woods and strung in nylon.
Harp Strings
heather harp 22 string set
The EMS 19 string round back harp with semitones incorporates some of the best features of both celt...
Made from rosewood the EMS 8 string knee harp is strung in nylon and has beautiful Celtic interlace ...
Harp Kit
The EMS 17 string knee harp kit has nylon strings and has beautiful Celtic interlace carving on both...
The Mitre Kinnor harp (King David's harp) has 10 nylon strings for the biblical scale. Height 27"
The EMS 'Meghan' harp is an inexpensive, but substantially built Celtic harp and an excellent first ...
Harp Strings
EMS knee harp 12 string set
Harp Case
Soft padded bag for the 29 string gothic harp.
Harp Case
By Camac
Camac Hermine/Azliz padded carrying bag