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Stringed instruments produce sound by means of vibrating strings.
In the Hornbostel-Sachs scheme of musical instrument classification, they are called chordophones.

The Early Music Shop stocks an amazing array of early stringed instruments, from lutes to lyres, to harps to hurdy-gurdies...

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Lute Strings
Aquila lute string 150d
Treble Viol Strings
Pirastro Treble Viol 1st/D Gut string - Medium 0.53
Bass Viol Strings
EMS Bass Viol 5th/G Silver Plated Gut - 1.23
Violin Strings
Aquila baroque violin 2nd med
Treble Viol Strings
EMS Treble Viol 2nd/A Gut string - 0.66
Harp Component
EMS semi-tone lever stop pin
Lute Strings
Aquila lute string 85ng
Viol, Bass Viol
By Lu-Mi
Lu Mi 6 string bass viol after Richard Meares ca1660 (string length 695mm).
Lute Strings
Aquila lute string 108d
Treble Viol Strings
Aquila treble viol 1st string D high twist gut 0.56mm