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String Instruments at the Early Music Shop

Browse our early string instruments, from lutes to lyres, from harps to hurdy-gurdies… For individual strings and string sets, click here.

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Psaltery Instrument
By Hora

Hora Melody Harp - (small plucked psaltery) with tunes

By Lu-Mi

Lu Mi baroque violin after Jacobus Stainer 1679, string length 325mm

By Hora

Hora Tenor Psaltery Bowed Including Bow And Padded Bag

By Lu-Mi

Lu Mi baroque 'cello after Antonius Stradivarius "Davidov" 1712, string length 690mm

Harp, Lever Harp Instrument
By Camac

Camac are one of the world's leading Celtic harp specialists, and their beautifully made harps have modern harp tension and advanced easy to use semi tone levers.

Psaltery Kit
Soprano bowed psaltery kit with bow and tuning lever.
By Morillo
One of the most popular hurdy gurdies of the 16h century was the rustic or Henry III pattern, and th...
Harp Kit

The EMS 6 string knee harp kit has nylon strings and has beautiful Celtic interlace carving on both ...

Mediaeval Fiddle Kit
The EMS mediaeval fiddle kit uses a completely fresh approach to manufacturing and design.
Symphony, Hurdy-Gurdy
By Morillo
From the workshops of Morillo an excellent chromatic symphony with 4 strings.