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String Instruments at the Early Music Shop

Browse our early string instruments, from lutes to lyres, from harps to hurdy-gurdies… For individual strings and string sets, click here.

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Bass Viol Kit

A well designed bass viol kit after Barak Norman c1710 which builds into an excellent instrument.

Rebec Kit
The EMS alto rebec kit is an inexpensive 3 string instrument based on several historic patterns.
Psaltery Kit
Alto bowed psaltery with bow and tuning lever.
By Hora

Hora Alto Psaltery Bowed Including Bow And Padded Bag

Lute Instrument
EMS Heritage 8 Course Lute Kit with case
Lute Instrument
By Haddock
Haddock 8 Course Lute after Hieber
Tenor bowed psaltery with bow, case and tuning lever.
Treble Viol Kit

A well designed treble viol kit after Henry Jaye c1629 which builds into an excellent instrument.

By Lu-Mi

Lu Mi 5 string baroque 'cello after Amati, string length 650mm

Lyre Instrument

This Mitre lyre harp has 16 metal strings.