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String Instruments at the Early Music Shop

Browse our early string instruments, from lutes to lyres, from harps to hurdy-gurdies… For individual strings and string sets, click here.

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Tenor bowed psaltery with bow, case and tuning lever.
Rebec Kit
The EMS alto rebec kit is an inexpensive 3 string instrument based on several historic patterns.
By Hora

Hora mountain dulcimer 4 string including padded bag

Psaltery Instrument
By Hora
Hora Melody Harp - (small plucked psaltery) with tunes
By Hora
Hora alto psaltery bowed including bow and padded bag
Lute Instrument
By Haddock
Haddock 8 Course Lute after Hieber
By Lu-Mi

Lu Mi baroque violin after Jacobus Stainer 1679, string length 325mm

Treble Viol Kit
A well designed treble viol kit after Henry Jaye c1629 which builds into an excellent instrument.
Lyre Instrument

This Mitre lyre harp has 16 metal strings.

Harp Kit

The EMS 6 string knee harp kit has nylon strings and has beautiful Celtic interlace carving on both ...