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Stringed instruments produce sound by means of vibrating strings.
In the Hornbostel-Sachs scheme of musical instrument classification, they are called chordophones.

The Early Music Shop stocks an amazing array of early stringed instruments, from lutes to lyres, to harps to hurdy-gurdies...

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Violin Strings
By Aquila
Aquila baroque violin 1st med
Viol Strings
EMS fretting gut 0.8mm.

A range of plain gut strings and wound strings specially made for EMS and...

The EMS 8 course lute is designed in our own workshops and made to the highest of standards by a team of dedicated craftsmen.
By Camac
Bardic harp 22 nylon strings in blue. Camac are one of the world's leading Celtic harp specialists, ...
Viol, Bass Viol
By Lu-Mi
Lu Mi 7 string bass viol after Nicholas Bertrand (1704) (string length 700mm) made to the highest po...
Lute Strings
By Aquila
Aquila lute string 48ng
Harp Instrument
The EMS 'Pixie' harp is an inexpensive, but substantially built Celtic harp and an excellent first c...
Lute Strings
By Pyramid
Pyramid string lute 1016
EMS 8 course lute with 25 alternating lacewood and rosewood ribs including hard case
By Camac
Melusine harp 38 nylon strings in black. Camac are one of the world's leading Celtic harp specialist...