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String Instruments at the Early Music Shop

Browse our early string instruments, from lutes to lyres, from harps to hurdy-gurdies… For individual strings and string sets, click here.

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EMS Plucked Psaltery with Bag, an extra Set of Strings and Tuning Key

Bass Viol Instrument
By Lu-Mi

Lu Mi 6 string bass viol after Richard Meares ca1660 (string length 695mm).

Harp Instrument

The Mitre mini Kinnor harp has 10 nylon strings. Height 16".

Psaltery Kit

EMS Plucked Psaltery Kit 

Harp Instrument

EMS 8 string knee harp is strung in nylon and has beautiful Celtic interlace carving on both side of the soundbox.


EMS Oud. Played with a plectrum which was traditionally of an eagles quill.

Lyre Instrument

This EMS lyre harp has 10 metal strings and a solid spruce soundboard

Harp Instrument

EMS 17 String Knee Harp

The EMS soprano rebec is an excellent 3 string instrument based on several historic patterns.