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Harpsichord Instrumental Album
Selected from Musica Britannica Volume 73. Edited by Robert Klakowich.
Keyboard, Voice, Lute Score
Dowland's second book of songs accompanied by lute, with tablature. Also with keyboard realisation
Keyboard, Voice, Lute Score
With a keyboard reduction (no tablature)
Harpsichord Instrumental Album
This book comprises fifteen Sonatas For Harpsichord composed by Domenico Scarlatti, and thoroughly revised by Christopher Kite.
Voice Score
Music of the mid-fifteenth century for 1-4 voices and/or instruments.
Keyboard, Voice, Lute Score
A collection from 1610 of English and European lute songs.
Choral, Voice Score
Book 2 for SATB, with works by Byrd, Morley and others