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Recorder, Continuo Score

4 Sonatas by Vivaldi for Treble Recorder and Continuo transcribed from the Violin Sonatas.

Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrumental Work

Solo Part and Piano reduction of Vivaldi's Recorder Cocerto in C Minor

Recorder Instrumental Work

This is a wonderful collection of Baroque music for intermediate to advanced treble recorder duet.

Soprano (Descant) Recorder Score and Parts

Dances and Country Dances for Recorder (Melody Instrument) and Continuo by Various Composers including Lully

Recorder Ensemble Score

Baroque Dances for Two Soprano Recorders by Various Composers (arranged from pieces originally for alto recorders)

Continuo, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score and Parts

Marcello: 12 Sonatas for Treble Recorder and Continuo - Volume 1 (Sonatas 1-6)

Recorder, Continuo Score and Parts

Baroque Masters of Variation (Vol 1) for Solo Recorder (SA) and Continuo.

Soprano (Descant) Recorder Score and Parts

Baroque Studies for Soprano (Descant) Recorder or other melodic instruments by László Czidra 

Soprano (Descant) Recorder Score and Parts

Italian Dances 1610-1660 for One and Two Recorders and Continuo

Recorder Ensemble Score and Parts

Baroque Dances for Two Alto Recorders by Various Composers