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This volume traces the development of equal-temperament and the scientific search for the perfect scale, from Pythagoras to Bach and beyond.
Organ Instrumental Album
Twenty-five complete sets of preludes and fugues. Bach-Gesellschaft edition.
Orchestra Score
The orchestral score of two of Handel’s best-loved works.
Piano Instrumental Reference
J. Cree Fischer. A simple and accurate method for amateurs.
Choral, Orchestra, SATB Score
Handel’s masterpiece Messiah, the most frequently performed of his choral works, composed in 1741.
Knud Jeppesen. The Polyphonic vocal style of the Sixteenth Century.
Orchestra Score
Nineteen concerti in all. Includes Op. 3 and Op. 6, plus the 'C Major (Alexander's Feast)'.
Dolmetsch was the first to apply academic attention to the issue of authentic historical performance...
A meticulous and informed examination of the compositional style of the greatest Renaissance creator...