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Flute Case
HD3RXX multi 3 slot case - extra long. One of our most popular cases this is a compact, lightweight and easy to carry case at an economical price.
Recorder Case
EMS 7 slot hessian recorder carrying bag
Violin Case
Semi-rigid hard case, robust and light, made around a plywood base but with the body cast in polyure...
Renaissance Drum Case
EMS Medieval/Renaissance Drum Bag 13.5” X 19” Black canvas bag 13.5” x 19”
Lyre Case
EMS 10 string lyre bag
Harp Case
Soft padded bag for 17 string knee harp.
Harp Case
Soft padded bag for a 34 string harp.
Harp Case
Soft padded bag for 6 string knee harp.
Viol Case
Semi-rigid hard case moulded primarily for the Ceské tenor viol (but will also fit others).
Tenor Recorder Case
EMS Fleeced Lined 3 Slot Tenor Roll Bag