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Violin Pegs
EMS Baroque Violin Peg
Violin, Treble Viol Bow

Early Music Shop Violin or Treble Viol student snakewood bow

Viola, Violin Strings

EMS high twist string 1.12mm

Violin Kit
EMS baroque violin kit after brothers Amati. Supplied with all the ribs pre-assembled ready to accep...
Violin Tool
EMS SV-2 peg shaper violin 1:30
Viola, Violin Strings

EMS plain gut string 0.79mm

Violin Mute
Wooden Violin Mute
Violin, Treble Viol Bow

EMS Baroque Violin or Treble Viol Bow

Violin Bridge
EMS Baroque Violin Bridge
Violin Strings

EMS plain gut string 0.64mm