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Organ Instrument
The EMS foot pumped reed organ collapses easily into its own box which is easily transportable.
1ft portative organ. The EMS 1’ portative organ has an increased compass from previous versions, and...
Organ Kit
2ft portative organ kit. The 2' portative organ kit has been designed for straight forward assembly ...
Organ Kit
1ft portative organ kit. Supplied with all casework parts fully machined and polished ready for asse...
EMS 1' Organ Optional Pipes 2X F# And 2 X Bb
2ft portative organ. The EMS 2’ portative is essentially a table instrument with a compass of two oc...
Organ Instrument
3ft portative organ. The EMS 3’ portative has a compass of three octaves F-ff and is essentially a t...
Organ Kit
3ft portative organ kit. This kit is an extended version of our popular 2', but with larger bellows ...
Organ Kit
4ft portative organ kit. The all new 4ft portative organ kit has a manual compass of C-d 52 notes, ...
EMS 2' Portative Organ with Auto Play