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Music Stand
Georgian style music stand constructed from solid ash with adjustable height and a natural finish.
Psaltery Kit
EMS Plucked Psaltery Kit
Tenor Viol Strings
EMS Tenor Viol 2nd/D Gut string - 0.79
EMS Oud. Played with a plectrum which was traditionally of an eagles quill.
The Mitre mini Kinnor harp has 10 nylon strings. Height 16".
Double cymbal timbrel. A re-enactment mediaeval timbrel with double cymbal, using only the best qual...
Tabor 14” x 4.5”. A re-enactment mediaeval tabor with single snare, using only the best quality calf...
EMS Plucked Psaltery with Bag, an extra Set of Strings and Tuning Key
Music Stand
Was £295.00 Now £270.00
Crumhorn Reed
EMS reed plastic windcap kit tenor. Made specially in our own workshops, suitable for EMS crumhorn o...