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Harp Component
EMS taper tuning pin psaltery 52mm
EMS loriman pipe in f. The Loriman pipe is a Renaissance alto windcap instrument designed and produc...
1ft portative organ. The EMS 1’ portative organ has an increased compass from previous versions, and...
Lute Strings
8 course string set for EMS lute.
Violin Strings
EMS baroque violin 1st e'.

A range of plain gut strings and wound strings specially made for EMS ...

EMS Harding Serpent - Our grateful thanks go to David Harding for allowing us to continue production of his extremely popular Harding Serpent since his retirement in 2005. Made from high density polymer, this keyless tenor serpent has a range of C-c” at A440
Harp Kit
The EMS 12 string knee harp kit has nylon strings and has beautiful Celtic interlace carving on both...
Tabor Accessory
EMS Tabor Drum Stick
Recorder Case
EMS 9 slot soft lined recorder roll bag, black canvas.
EMS bodhran green 16" x 3.5". Goatskin, fixed head, mulberry wood painted green.