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Bass Viol Strings
EMS Bass Viol 1st/D Gut string - 0.66mm
Harp Part
EMS Semi-Tone Lever Silver - 2 prong
Music Stand
EMS Music Stand Georgian Single, Rosewood
Harp, Lever Harp Instrument

EMS 'Heather' Harp, 22 Nylon Strings

Tenor Viol Strings
EMS Tenor Viol 1st/G Gut string - 0.60
Harp Part
EMS balance pins 30mm x 2.4mm
Tabor 12” x 4.5”. A re-enactment mediaeval tabor with single snare, using only the best quality calf...
Harp Ornament

Made from rosewood the EMS 12 string knee harp is strung in nylon and has beautiful Celtic interlace carving on both side of the soundbox. It is ideal for gracing a table or mantlepiece, or as a child's gift.

Crumhorn Reed
EMS reed plastic windcap soprano. Made specially in our own workshops, suitable for EMS crumhorn or ...
Harp Part
EMS Semi-Tone Lever Silver - 1 prong