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Flute, Recorder, Piano Accompaniment Instrumental Work
Three Airs for Treble Recorder or Flute with Piano accompaniment, by Robin Milford.
A fantastic guide to musicology, going beyond the "short" instroduction you might expect.
Published 250 years after the composer's death, this book offers an indepth look at the "Great Eight...
The authentic performance of sixteenth-century music involves more than just reading the notes.
Blending musical and social history, Kelly illuminates the ongoing debate about authenticity, the de...
An interesting look at the scholarly issues surrounding Bach's Passions.
The parallel German-English texts with annotations
This book breaks new ground, offering an extensive study of a period in the guitar's history which t...
In relating Monteverdi to the musical activity of his time, Denis Arnold reveals a fascinating music...
Provides a profound new understanding of how Renaissance composers understood their art.