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Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrumental Tutor
Part 2 of the comprehensive recorder course is brimming with playful ideas and accessible elements that really make learning the instrument fun, both for individuals and group-teaching situations.
Percussion, Soprano (Descant) Recorder
Soprano (Descant) Recorder
Oboe, Piano Accompaniment Score and Parts

Antonio Vivaldi's Sonata In C Minor For Oboe And Basso Continuo RV 53, Arranged by Helmut Schlövogt. Also suitable for Flute and Violin.

Cello, Flute, Oboe, Violin, Piano Accompaniment, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrumental Album

Here's your chance to encounter the composers of 18th century Scotland with a special selection of pieces for Violin (Flute or Oboe) and Piano, with optional Cello part and a CD of play-along tracks.

Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Alto (Treble) Recorder
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrumental Album

This book contains a selection of Christmas Carols in very easy arrangements for descant recorder with an optional second part.

Accordion, Alto (Treble) Recorder
Keyboard, Soprano (Descant) Recorder Score and Parts
Sonatine No. 1 was expertly composed by Walter Roehr.
Violin, Continuo Instrumental Album