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Harpsichord Facsimile
Facsimile of Froberger's 10 Suites for Harpsichord. Suite I in D Minor; Suite II in G Minor; Suite I...
Flute, Ensemble, Continuo Facsimile
Facsimile of P.D. Philidor's 4 Op. 2 Suites published in 1718.
Recorder, Continuo Facsimile
Facsimile of the first part of the Division Flute containing a collection of divisions upon several ...
Ensemble, Viol Facsimile
Facsimile of Gibbons' 9 Fantasies in 3 Parts published in partbook format: Altus, Tenore and Basso.
Flute, Ensemble Facsimile
Facsimile of Mouret's 6 Sonatas for 2 Flutes without Continuo published in 1725.
Ensemble, String Ensemble, Violin Facsimile
Facsimile of A Collection of Ayres composed for the Theatre by Henry Purcell, published posthumously...
Viol, Voice, Lute Facsimile
Facsimile of Campion's 3rd and 4th Book of Ayres for Solo Voice accompanied by Lute, Viol or Orphari...
Ensemble, Voice, Lute Facsimile
Facsimile of Campion's 1st and 2nd Books of Ayres to be sung to the Lute and Viols, in 2, 3 and 4 Pa...
Treble Clef Instruments, Continuo Facsimile
Facsimile of Chedeville's Il Pastor Fido, 6 Sonatas for Musette, Viele, Flute, Oboe, Recorder or Vio...
Harpsichord Facsimile
Facsimile of J.B.A. Forqueray's transcription for harpsichord of A. Forqueray's Pieces de Viole.