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Viol Score and Parts
6 Sonatas by J.B. Senallié, Franz Benda and Jean- Marie Leclair for two bass viols
Viol Score and Parts
Duetto in D minor for two Bass Viols
Recorder Score
Divisions for recorder by Banister, Keller and Finger
Viol Score
Music from NY Drexel 5871 & BL Add. 31697 in Alto & Bass Clefs.
Viol Ensemble Score and Parts
Arrangements of music by L. Couperin, du Mage, Dandrieu & Gigault
Treble Clef Instruments, Continuo Score and Parts
Ballettos and Sonatas for two treble instruments and BC, Volume 2 (Primo libro)
Cello, Viol, Violin Score and Parts
Nocturno in G Major for two violins, viola da gamba and cello
Keyboard, Viol Score and Parts
Sonatas for Gambetta and Keyboard by F. C. Neubauer and P. P. Sales
Viol, Continuo Score and Parts
Eight sonatas for treble Viol and BC by J. D. Hardt
Viol Ensemble Score and Parts
Arrangements of Froberger's Ricercars for four viols