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Soprano, Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
Three stanzas are separated by a refrain in this rich textured song.
Violin, Bass Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
A charming cantata portrays a bashful lover too shy to declare his love, and imitates his stuttering...
Alto, Recorder, Violin Score and Parts
Touching love monologue
Alto, Flute, Violin Score and Parts
This attractive cantata, discovered recently in manuscript, has an unusual combination of instrument...
Recorder, Soprano, Violin Score and Parts
A delightful short da capo aria light-heartedly imitates bird-song whilst telling off the nightingal...
Soprano, Tenor, Continuo Score and Parts
An example of the composer's simple style of cantata; verse sections with repeated melody, some reci...
Oboe, Soprano, Continuo Score and Parts
The lover protests about the wounding dartsof Love.