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Recorder, Soprano, String Ensemble Score and Parts
Pepusch was famous as a theatre composer (think Beggar's Opera); this touching piece is from one of ...
Keyboard, Trumpet, Bass Voice Score and Parts
Keyboard, Trumpet, Tenor Score and Parts
Voice, Bass Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
An early cantata, fluid in form, and two graceful, amusing songs.
Soprano, Violin, Bass Voice Score and Parts
Poetic, satirical depiction of the weeping lover
Violin, Bass Voice, Continuo Score and Parts
Moving and dramatic re-telling of the classical story of the death of Hercules; well written for the...
Alto, Recorder, Violin Score and Parts
Cantata with virtuoso flute obbligato
Soprano, Tenor Score and Parts
Ten English songs from a rich repertoire.
Alto, Trumpet, Countertenor Score and Parts