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Recorder Ensemble Score

Waves is a collection of Recorder Ensemble Pieces composed by Lothar Lämmer between 2002 and 2007.

Recorder Ensemble Score and Parts

This is an arrangment of 4 Fugues from Johann Sebastian Bach's Art of Fugue for Recorder Quartet (SA...

Recorder Ensemble, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score

Telemann's 'Berlin Duos' arranged for 2 Alto Recorders.

Recorder Ensemble Score

Kai is a modern Recorder Duet for 2 Tenor Recorders composed by Fumiharu Yoshimine in 2000.

Recorder Ensemble Score and Parts
Met z'n twaalven is a modern piece for Recorder Ensemble composed by Frans Geysen in 2001.
Recorder Ensemble, Trio Score
Imitations is a modern Recorder Trio composed by Alois Bröder in 2004, for Tenor, Bass and Great Bas...
Recorder Ensemble, Men's Voices, ATB Score and Parts

Kaleidoskop is a modern piece in 5 movements for Recorder Quartet composed by Matthias Maute in 1998...

Recorder Ensemble Score
These pieces are for various combinations of recorders using soprano through to bass.
Recorder Ensemble Score
Kreuz Fahrt is a collection of 7 Duets for 2 Recorders composed by Jens Marggraf in 2007.
Recorder Ensemble, Alto (Treble) Recorder Score and Parts

'A due' for 2 Alto Recorders by Matthias Maute.