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Tenor Recorder
2440 Flauto Rondo knick tenor, maple, double keys.

The NEW Flauto Rondo series are made from mapl...

Bass Recorder
4520 Rottenburgh bass, maple, double keys. Immensely popular range of recorders originally designed...
adjustable bench, in style, for French Single
Rebec, Symphony Case
Symphony Hard Case by Kingham
Soprano (Descant) Recorder
YRS82 soprano in kingwood. The Yamaha kingwood soprano possesses a strong, open sound suitable for t...
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Instrument
Moeck 5243 Ehlert Soprano a=442, Castello Boxwood
Tesluk Master Series 25 tube panpipes in G with case
French single 'Blanchet' 2 x 8' stops. This harpsichord is based upon the XVIII century French manuf...
Alto (Treble) Recorder
YRA802 alto in kingwood. The Yamaha kingwood alto is a fine handcrafted recorder that produces a war...
Tenor Recorder Instrument
Moeck 4450 Rottenburgh Knick Tenor, Maple, Double Holes