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Lute Case
By Kingham

Lute Case by Kingham - suitable for EMS 6, 7 & 8 Course Lutes, Haddock 6, 7 & 8 Course Lutes (including some lutes by Stevens, but please check and ask for details).

Baroque Guitar Case
By Kingham

Baroque Guitar Case by Kingham

Lute Case
By Kingham

Kingham Case for Haddock 11 Course Baroque Lute 

Renaissance Guitar Case
By Kingham

Renaissance Guitar Case by Kingham

Orchestra Case
By Kingham
Kingham Hard Case for Morillo Symphony
Cittern Case
By Kingham
Cittern Case by Kingham - suitable for Morillo Cittern and EMS Cittern
Rebec Case
By Kingham
Soprano Rebec Case by Kingham - suitable for most soprano rebecs
Serpent Case
By Kingham

Serpent Case by Kingham - suitable for the EMS Serpent

Mediaeval Fiddle Case
By Kingham
Medieval Fiddle Case by Kingham - suitable most large or long fiddles
Orchestra, Rebec Case
By Kingham
Symphony Hard Case by Kingham