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Bass Recorder
Canta knick bass f, stained pearwood, baroque fingering, double holes, with double key.
"Zu Bethlehem Geboren", Christmas music for 2 recorders
CD "Cantabile"- Nik Tarasov, recorder
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Adri's Dream recorder alto (treble) f', ebony, baroque fingering, double hole.
Alto (Treble) Recorder Case
Bags with leather lining alto recorder, 3 pocket.
Bass Recorder
Mollenhauer TE4528K Dream Edition Bass In Plumwood
Tenor Recorder
Denner comfort tenor c', rosewood (palisander), with g & f keys and double key for c/c#.
Miniature recorder, baroque fingering, earrings, grenadilla, 2 parts - not playable
Recorder Case
Roll bag cotton with 8 pockets (length: 35 cm / 13,8 inches)
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Denner alto (treble) f', olivewood. In 2002, three years after the death of perhaps one of the great...