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Tenor Recorder
Mollenhauer Canta 'Comfort' tenor c', pearwood, baroque fingering, with double key. Made from pearwood the tenor Canta, 'Comfort' model has a warm, clear and mellow tone.
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Morgan Edition alto (treble) after "Jacob Denner" in Grenadilla a=415. Unique hand made instrument with heavily undercut tone holes, thumbhole ring and thread winding, in a fine leather case.
Miniature recorder brooch boxwood-zapatero
Sopranino Recorder Case
Hard case for sopranino recorder
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Mollenhauer's Elody Recorder - Space design. 'Electrifyingly cool' alto recorder.
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Mollenhauer Denner Edition Alto in Castello boxwood, stained. Hand-crafted recorder at a=442.
Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrument
Mollenhauer DL-5206 Denner Line Alto in Pearwood a=415
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Was £507.50 - Now £400
Alto (Treble) Recorder Instrument
Mollenhauer DL-5222 Denner Line Alto in Castello Boxwood a=415
Sopranino Recorder
Was £294.50 - Now £210