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Tenor Recorder
Kynseker tenor c', maple, with key. A full renaissance sound with much character and depth, baroque ...
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Modern alto (treble) in f', pearwood, with E-foot joint and triple key e/f/#.
Tenor Recorder
Denner tenor c', boxwood, with double key. A sophisticated ensemble set developed after original ins...
Soprano (Descant) Recorder
Prima penta soprano (descant), red, pentatonic. Ideal for learning pentatonic fingering, with the ra...
Miniature recorder, baroque fingering, brooch (with needle), grenadilla
Miniature recorder, baroque fingering, necklace, boxwood
Bass Recorder
Adri's Dream recorder bass f' pearwood, baroque fingering, double hole with double key.
Great Bass Recorder
Mollenhauer 5606 Denner Great Bass C, Stained Pearwood, The great bass is a robust and flexible instrument, with a clear upper octave and stable low notes making it suitable for both ensemble and solo work.
Tenor Recorder
Mollenhauer TE4428 Dream Edition Tenor In Plumwood
Miniature recorder, baroque fingering, earrings, boxwood-zapatero, 2 parts - not playable