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Soprano (Descant) Recorder
Terton soprano in boxwood a=415, with engraved silver rings, as original.
Soprano (Descant) Recorder
Terton soprano in boxwood a=415. The Terton soprano recorder follows an early eighteenth-century ori...
Sixth Flute
Stanesby Jr Sixth flute in d'' in boxwood a=415. The "sixth flute", or soprano recorder in d, was a ...
von Huene baroque flute A Grenser a=415. August Grenser of Dresden was a most prolific and versatile...
Alto (Treble) Recorder
Rippert alto in rosewood at a=440. In the second half of the seventeenth century, it is believed tha...
Alto (Treble) Recorder
The von Huene workshops make Ganassi recorders based on an instrument housed in the Kunsthistorische...
Tenor Recorder
"Loeki" tenor in boxwood a=415. A tenor recorder at a=415 originally designed for the Amsterdam Loek...
Fourth Flute
Stanesby Jr. fourth flute in Bb in boxwood a=415. Some fine recorder music demands a fourth flute (a...
Soprano (Descant) Recorder
Von Huene Soprano in Grenadilla after 'Rippert', a=440.
von Huene 17th century flute tenor maple in d. During the seventeenth century, flutemakers experimen...