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Bass Viol Bow
By Lu-Mi
Lu Mi snakewood bass viol bow, octagonal stick. Exceptionally finely crafted and beautifully balanced.
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Cleaning
Alto Recorder Plastic Pull Through
Music Stand
This music stand by RAT is one of the lightest, most portable music stands on the market.
Lute Strings
Aquila Nylgut wound lute string 108D
Lute Strings
By Pyramid
Pyramid Lute Silver Wound (.0215'') single string (0.546mm)
Concert Tickets
Advance Purchase £8 - 1 Day Ticket - Saturday 12th November - Greenwich Early Music Festival 2016 - Ticket price £10 from 1st November or on the door.
Lute Strings
By Pyramid
Pyramid string lute 0.575 rectified nylon
Viol Fretting Gut
EMS fretting gut 1.0mm.

A range of plain gut strings and wound strings specially made for EMS and...

Bass Viol Strings

EMS Bass Viol 5th/G Silver Plated Gut - 1.23

Treble Viol Strings

Aquila treble viol 1st string D varnished gut 0.56mm