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Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Sopranino Recorder Case
EMS 9 slot soft lined recorder roll bag, black canvas.
Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Sopranino Recorder Maintenance
By Moeck
Everything you need to keep your recorder in the best possible condition. Contents: recorder oil, oil brush, anti-condensant, paintbrush, manual for maintenance
Lute Strings
Aquila lute string 44ng
Bass Viol Strings
EMS Bass Viol 2nd/A Gut string - 0.88
'The Flying Recorder' - An Afternoon Family Concert with Piers Adams and David Wright Saturday 11 June - 3.00pm
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Parts
Soprano Recorder Clip-On Thumb Rest
Lute Strings
By Pyramid
Pyramid string lute 1016
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Cleaning
By Helin
This practical and efficient mop is exactly the right size to help you keep your descant recorder in tip-top condition.
EMS balance pins 30mm x 2.4mm