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Crumhorn Reed
EMS reed plastic windcap soprano. Made specially in our own workshops, suitable for EMS crumhorn or ...
Harp Part
EMS balance pins 30mm x 2.4mm
Lute Strings

Aquila Nylgut lute string 52NG

Harpsichord Part

Zuckermann Brown Plastic Jack

Soprano (Descant) Recorder, Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Sopranino Recorder Case

EMS 9 slot fleece lined recorder roll bag. A very competitively priced roll bag, which will a...

Lute Pegs
EMS 9518 Lute Peg Ebony 7.2mmø Shaft Length 75mm Taper 01:30
By Korg
With superior features like a large, easy-to-read, LCD needle-style display, the Korg CA-40 Chromatic Tuner is guaranteed to keep you in tune and sounding perfect!
Lute Strings
Aquila Nylgut Lute String 82NG
Bass Viol Strings

Aquila Bass Viol 1st/d String - Medium Gauge 0.73mm

Music Stand

EMS Nelson Folding Wooden Music Stand Amber including padded bag