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Music Stand

EMS Music Stand Georgian Single, Rosewood

Harp Part
EMS Semi-Tone Lever Silver - 1 prong
Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Maintenance
By Moeck

Everything you need to keep your recorder in the best possible condition. Contents: recorder oil, oil brush, anti-condensant, paintbrush, manual for maintenance

Tenor Viol Strings
EMS Tenor Viol 1st/G Gut string - 0.60
Lute Pegs

Imperfect - EMS 9521 Lute Peg Boxwood 8.0mmø Shaft Length EMS 95mm Taper 01:30

Lute Strings

Aquila Nylgut lute string 48NG

Violin Strings

Aquila baroque violin 1st med 0.66mm varnished

Harp Part
EMS balance pins 30mm x 2.4mm
Crumhorn Reed
EMS reed plastic windcap soprano. Made specially in our own workshops, suitable for EMS crumhorn or ...
Soprano (Descant) Recorder Maintenance
By Moeck

Cork Grease to enable smooth assembling / dismantling of your recorder, protect your recorder's cork from damage and ensure a snug, wind and moisture proof fit between your recorder's parts.