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Violin Strings
Aquila baroque violin 2nd med
Tenor Viol Strings
Aquila tenor viol 1st string G High Twist 0.60mm
Lute Strings

Aquila Nylgut lute string 40NG

Lute Strings
Aquila Nylgut lute string 46NG
Bass Viol Strings
EMS Bass Viol 4th/C High Twist Gut string - 1.45
Viola, Tenor Viol Rosin
By Melos
The world's finest hand-crafted rosin specially formulated for tenor viol or baroque viola.
Treble Viol Strings
EMS Treble Viol 2nd/A Gut string - 0.66
Harp Part
EMS semi-tone lever stop pin
Alto (Treble) Recorder, Tenor Recorder Maintenance
By Moeck
Moeck oil brush for alto/tenor
Korg CM100 clip-on microphone. The CM-100 is a perfect complement to any tuner that offers an audio ...